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TVgo in the News, with TV stars and ...

The New York Times call TVgo the most well known. See The New York Times article and other reviews about TVgo tiny remote by click here.

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TVgo fun stories

As the new freedom to control virtually any TV anywhere by a single TVgo remotel control has grown, QVP has received a number of funny stories, jokes, pranks and practical use from our customers. Here are a few to share with you. If you have a funny story about your TVgo, please send it to us to be considered for publishing.

All patrons in a restaurant in Brazil got 20% off

It was great! I don’t know if you are aware of it, but Brazil is the country of the TV, there is one in every room, every restaurant, every bus ... I turned all of them off.

There was even one restaurant where after repeated channel changes and turn-offs, the manager declared the TV dead, went up to a chair and said he was sorry to all the patrons, that the TV was not working and gave everyone (including us) 20% discount on the bill.

In the Airport of Ezeiza in Buenos Aires, I changed the channel of a TV in the waiting hall, from the standard advertising stuff to a soccer match, and in a matter of 5 minutes we had a crowd of more than 200 people around the TV, it was really fun.

Paulo (US customer brought TVgo to Brazil)

A hamless joke to my brother's large screen HDTV

My brother just bought a large screen HDTV. Unfortunately, it has some issues that he is waiting for the repair service. When I visited him, I had my TVmate with me. I quietly gained the control of his large screen HDTV. Then I changed channels and muted and unmuted the TV. My brother kept apologizing for the problem with his new TV.
When I pressed the power button on TVmate, the TV turned off. My brother got so upset that he ran to the phone and yell to the TV repair company guy, “Please come to fix my TV now. It is just went dead!”. It was very funny and my family laughed after I showed them what I did with TVmate remote (Now TVgo(TM) remote)

Jeanie (USA)

I do not need to carry a glove to hotel

I have a little secret, I like to watch TV in hotel rooms, but I hate to touch the hotel's remote control. I always packed a pair of plastic glove before, but after I got my TVgo remote, I do not need to pack gloves on my trips any more.

Nancy (UK)

My vacation trip in Spain

Spain is well known for having the most bars in the world. It is typical to drink in 3 or more different bars, restaurants in a day. I spent 2 weeks in Spain. In every bar or restaurant I went, I tried my TVgo remote to gain control of the TV. Never found a TV does not work with TVgo. I always restored the TV back to where it was. I also went to two TV stores to turn off and control a lot of TVs. I saw so many plasma, LCD TVs displayed nicely in the whole store floor, not seen in US.
Unfortunately, I do not speak any Spanish. People can only watch me or wonder what is going on if they did not see my little TVgo Tiny remote.

Irwin (USA)