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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why can't I place products into my shopping cart?

You need to turn on your web browser “cookie” to shop online. Like other established online stores, QVPUSA uses shopping cart technology. You will not be able to shop without turning the cookie on.

How does QVPUSA treat my private information – email, address etc.?

QVPUSA respects our customer’s privacy and will not sell or lease your email, address, etc. to others.

Do you SPAM or send lots emails if I summit my email to you?

We send very few newsletters. We believe a lot of emails do not bring in more sales from our customers. Our products tell the story.

How safe is my credit card information when submitted online in QVPUSA?

If you are confident to order stuff online from other well known websites, you can have the same confidence when ordering from QVPUSA. We use the same basic technology and credit card processing infrastructure, such as 128 bits SSL, Authorize.net credit card processing.
You can always call 1-800-964-TVgo (8846) to order if you are not familiar or comfortable with online shopping.

How about return & refunds?

You can return your purchase within 15 days of your order, and receive full refund. S/H is not refunded. Please ask for a Return Authorization Number (RMA) first.
While we have anticipated that some people will return TVgo remote in spite of its claim to control virtually any TV around the world, we are proud to say there have been no returns due to faulty performance, and few returns due to other reasons.

PLease note : Electronic category follows manuafture's return policy -- usually chagre a restocking fee up to 20%.

Why do I need to re-enter my credit card information to order more TVgo?

Some people have called in to re-order TVgo remotes, thinking it will be easier.
However, we do not store your credit card information in our local machine. Please re-order online, and let us know that you are a return customer by putting in a note with your order. Thanks.
OPen up an account with us when you check out, if you have not done so already, so you do not need to enter your address and contact information every time when you shop with QVPUSA.

TVgo usage FAQs

Does TVgo remote cover ALL TVs in the world?

No. No remote can cover every TV. However, TVgo remote does cover a lot more TVs than any other remotes. After you purchase TVgo, you will see that we challenge you to find just 10 TVs that do not work with TVgo.
Many customers have already found out that TVgo remote is the only remote that works for their TV after trying many options. TVgo remotes work for large screen plasma, HDTV, LCD, CRT TVs, and with NTSC, PAL TVs. Pretty much every TV you see. Many of our customers around the world have told us --- TVgo works great and it's easy to use.

Does TVgo work for other devices, like VCR, DVD player etc?

Yes, TVgo also works for devices like your VCR, DVD player, projector, etc.

TVgo remote works for virtually any TV around the world. However, this extreme capability is not applied to other devices like a VRC or DVD player.
To find out if your TVgo works with a TV or other device, just press & hold “AnyOff” button up to 50 seconds maximum. Once the device turns off or on (usually around 10 seconds or less), you will know TVgo works for that device. Check other FAQs before you conclude that your TVgo does not work with that device.

Does something light up in the TVgo when I press a button on TVgo?

No. No light should light up in TVgo Tiny remote. You will know TVgo Tiny is working if the TV responds.

There is a red LED light in TVgo Full remote and TVgo Pocket remote to indicate you press a button.

I tried TVgo on one TV and did not work. I tried again later and it worked. Why?

Most likely you pressed & held the "AnyOff" or "Set" button less than 50 seconds on your first try. Most TVs respond in less than 10 seconds, but a few do require up to 50 seconds to find the right code for that TV.

Possibly the button was not fully contacted or there was poor contact due to the way you pressed the button with your finger. Press buttons with your finger parallel to the key pad surface, not touching with your nail. Press & hold the power button until the TV responds.

I can turn a TV off, but can not turn it back on.

You did not lock the right code to control that TV. You need to quickly release the "AnyOff" button once the TV turns off. If this happens, don’t worry, you can press & hold the "AnyOff" button again until you turn on the TV. Sure, you can always use the original remote or manually turn the TV on. Then re-teach TVgo with the "Set" or "AnyOff" button. Remember to quickly release the button to lock in the right code for the TV.

What is the AV/TV button for? Do I need it?

It is very useful if your TV is connected to cable or satellite. If you change channels with the channel buttons and find that you are not able to get the image back, then use the AV/TV button. Press the AV/TV button until you see the screen return. You might experience this in TV stores, in Bars and Restaurants or your friend's house who has a cable box or satellite box.

Will TVgo remote hurt my TVs or other devices? Or damage my original remotes?

TVgo is based on infrared technology, just like your home remotes. TVgo remote will not hurt humans or animals. TVgo will not hurt any other electronic devices. It is simply a remote you can use for many TVs or devices. If TVgo works for that TV or device, you can hurt it. If the device does not work with TVgo, it will be just like you used the wrong remote to control that device, nothing more.

Also, nothing will happen to your original remote when you use TVgo. The original remote does not need to be present when you program with the universal TVgo remote.

Most common user misunderstandings

I press the Channel or Volume button, but it doesn't work.

Make sure you connect the battery first.
You need to teach TVgo first to control a TV. See the simple instructions on your product warranty sheet about how to program a TVgo remote. Remember to release the button quickly.

However, no teaching is needed to turn off a TV, or mute a TV. Just press & hold "AnyOff" or "AnyMute" button.

I tried to teach TVgo on a few TVs, but the TVs did not respond.

Make sure you connect the battery first.
Test it on another TV. Remember, you only need to hold for no more than 50 seconds each time.
If you tried on more than 3 different TVs, and none of them responds, then you might have a drained battery. Measure it with a voltage meter. It should read more than 2.8 V. If not, then replace it with a fresh battery.

It has poor range or not all of the buttons work.

I did teach the TVgo --- Press & release button, some functional buttons work fine, but others not, for example, not able to change volume.

Simply teach TVgo again -- press & hold "Anyoff" or "AnyMute" button, then release quickly. Usually you will be able to have all function buttons work. However, it is normal for a small number of TVs that TVgo does not have full function control.

Please contact us and let us know the TV maker and model, or any information that you might remember. THANKS.